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13th Floor Triple Play Weekend

What we are calling our “13th Floor Triple Play Weekend” got off to a good start on Friday Night with a trip to Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, one of three L.A.-based Halloween events owned by 13th Floor Entertainment Group, which are holding their promotional press nights over the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The other two are Delusion Interactive Theatre tonight and Shaqtoberfest tomorrow. (13th Floor’s new Magic of the Jack O’ Lanterns held is press night last weekend.)

We will be back with full coverage as soon as possible (it is hard to find time to write an article, much less edit a video, when you visiting multiple events in quick succession), but we wanted to quickly note that this year’s Haunted Hayride seems much improved over its disappointing 2022 incarnation. The Hayride is still too short, but at least it is not just a rerun of last year, and it’s a hell of a lot more comfortable since bales of hay have been provided for seating (instead of making you kneel in the wagons). Returning mazes Midnight Mortuary and Trick or Treat are still enjoyable, and the new Hellbilly Halloween is a huge improvement over last year’s  S/Laughterhouse, which it replaces. Also, the new Zombie Splat, a gelly ball shooting gallery with live targets (well, undead zombies) is a blast.

Now looking forward to both Delusion and Shaqtoberfest

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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