16th Annual Historical Cemetery Tour in Long Beach

graveyard-halloween-wallpaperDate: October 29, from 9am to noon
Location: 1095 E. Willow Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90806
Link out: Click here
Description: On Saturday, October 29, Long Beach’s two oldest cemeteries transform into a Living History tour that allows living tourists to stroll about listening to tales of the dead.

From the website:

Amidst old tombstones, tour participants gather at selected grave stops to hear first hand tales that every cemetery plot has a story. The tour’s volunteer actors come from all walks of life. They include teachers, retirees, business professionals and even a politician. In a past season, Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster played a farm worker Alejandro Banderas, a participant in that aforementioned poker game in 1915. Over the years, these individuals have ranged from historical figures who helped shape the city’s political past to ordinary people whose stories remind us that rich or poor, well-known or barely remembered, everyone has a story to tell. The inhabitants of the graves are represented as authentically as possible by actors wearing period costumes and speaking in the first person of themselves and their times. Every script is researched by a historian using the HSLB archives, newspaper accounts and primary resources. Many cast members are professional actors. All are directed by Denis McCourt, co-artistic director for the Long Beach Shakespeare Company. Presented by the Historical Society of Long Beach.

Location: The corner of Willow and Orange in Long Beach
First tour starts at 9 a.m. -- Last tour starts at 12 noon
Allow a minimum of 2 hours

$15 - 20, approx. Tickets sold at gate