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2012 Halloween Recommendations: The Best Haunted Theme Park Events in Los Angeles

What will be 2012’s Best Los Angeles Halloween Events? Which should you seek like Professor Challenger finding the Lost World? Which should you avoid like Dracula shunning sacred ground? To reconnoiter our recommended haunts, come along with us…if you dare!

Halloween in Los Angeles begins in earnest this weekend, with the simultaneous openings on Friday, September 21, of both the Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. As usual, Hollywood Gothique will be there to give you all the gory details needed to make informed decisions about where to spend your hard-earned blood money during the upcoming scare season. However, for those of you who like to plan ahead and buy tickets in advance, we are offering this, the first in a series of 2012 Halloween Recommendations.

We commence with a perusal of Halloween Theme Park Attractions. This is a perennially popular subject, which we first elucidated in a 2008 post titled “Best Theme Park Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles.” Since then, the article has been tweaked from time to time, to prevent it from falling hopelessly out of date, but now we will take the opportunity to re-examine the subject with fresh eyes (thank you, Dr. Frankenstein – those old orbs were worn out!).

How to divine best Los Angeles Halloween events, when we have yet to encounter the ectoplasmic entities that await us this year? Our assessment here (and in subsequent articles) will be based upon a mad scientist’s distillation of a few esoteric elements:

  1. How consistently have these Halloween events performed over the years?
  2. How scary/memorable/original/innovative were last year’s haunted theme park events?
  3. What – if anything – new can we expect this year?

Stand back – as we prepare to prognosticate the highlights of Halloween 2012.

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