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2016 Halloween Recommendation: Burbank Haunted Adventure

haunted-adventure-2016-the-unknownOne of Hollywood Gothique’s most pleasantly shivery first-time experiences from Halloween 2015 was the Burbank Haunted Adventure, staged in and around the Starlight Bowl in the Stough Canyon Park. This community-oriented haunt, intended for the whole family, is perfectly calibrated it is for its target audience: not too scary and not too tame, but just right.  There is very much a block-party type feel in the park, with lots of fun and games for young trick-or-treaters, but when you take the tour up the hill toward the Starlight Bowl, expect to some enjoyable good Halloween scares.

Unfortunately, the Haunted Adventure runs for only two or three days every October, so by the time we posted our review, it was too late for our readers. Fortunately, the haunt will be back this Halloween, on October 14, 15, and 22. In fact, it is the Haunted Adventure’s 20th Anniversary, which they are celebrating with a spooky new theme, The Unknown.

The price is only $5. Tickets are on sale at the event from 7-9pm; tours run until all ticket holders have gone on the adventure.

The event’s web page is here.

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