A Night to Dismember & Don't Panic

Location: Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 23 at 8pm
Link out: Click here
Description: As part of their 3rd Annual Halloween Horror Film Fest, the Cinefamily offers this double bill of obscure horror films, presented in association with BleedingSkull.com. From the website:

When The Cinefamily wants top-shelf dissemination of the most curious, obscure, and insane trash-horror films imaginable, we head straight for Bleeding Skull! Launched in 2004, BleedingSkull.com is the brainchild of Joseph Ziemba & Dan Budnik, who’ve spent years scouring video stores across the U.S., and have amassed a treasure trove of insightful and laugh-out-loud funny criticism that begs multiple readings. With a book in the works and a constantly growing fanbase, the time is nigh to bring Bleeding Skull where it belongs: the Cinefamily screen! Join Joseph and Dan as they present two of their absolute film faves, plus a handpicked trailer reel and My Fat Sherriff, their tribute to overweight law enforcement in the Slasher Film!

A Night To Dismember - 10:00pm-ish
This Doris Wishman gorefest isn’t so much an exercise in necessity as it is a boon to all mankind! After a peeved lab worker destroyed forty percent of her original negative, Doris was forced to compensate, and A Night To Dismember was born. ‘80s porn star Samantha Fox returns home after a stint in a mental institution, and from there, erratic violence and dreamy visuals bounce around 4-track-cassette-tape aesthetics, while the docu-styled lens of a spastic Super-8 camera whirs on. Hairstyles change constantly. Soundtrack cues comprised of Jazzercise schlock, public domain spooks, and wailing rock overlap in triplicate. Dialogue and sound effects are supplied by Doris's mouth, crackling vinyl, and gloriously hideous post-dubbing -- and there's even some psychedelic sex and random nudity! A Night To Dismember is the bizarro, out-to-lunch experience that trumps ‘most any other in its genre -- and it just might change your life. Projected from Doris Wishman's personal Beta-SP master!
Dir. Doris Wishman, 1983, digital presentation, 69 min.

Don't Panic! - midnight-ish
Ouija boards! Boozed-up moms! A grown man in cartoon pajamas! In Don't Panic, goofball cinema at its most exquisite, strange things happen to a young man. Most of it involves an Ouija board, some gore, and a Satanic (sort of) force. The young man fights evil, falls in love and wears some ultra-cool bedclothes. He also sings the theme song. This film needs to be seen with a crowd, so you have someone you trust at your side to turn to and mutter "WTF?!" to when necessary -- probably every three minutes. If you don’t have fun during Don’t Panic, maybe you need to talk to a Religious Leader of your choice about why there’s no more fun in your life. Just, whatever you do, don’t -- don’t -- oh, forget about it. Shown from a rare 35mm print!