A Small Smorgasboard of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror

The venerable New Beverly Cinema will be a bit short on science-fiction, horror, and fantasy movies during the first months of the new year, but there are a handful of titles scheduled that should appeal to fans. Check them out below.

Title: Future -Kill
Description: The 1985 exploitation effort (which reteams Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns, from the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) screens at midnight.
Date: January 3

Title: Sword & Sorcery Triple Bill
Description: CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982), DEATH STALKER II (1987), and YOR HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE (1983) combine for a triple-impact does of loin-cloth wearing heroes stalking the distant past and/or the post-apocalyptic future. Of the three, YOR is the funniest.
Date: January 17

Title: Grindhouse Double Bill
Description: Titles to be announced
Date: January 20

Title: Targets
Description: Peter Bogdanavich's 1968 debut - a brilliant depiction of real-life horror intersecting with reel horror, screens at midnight. Boris Karloff stars as a thinly veiled version of himself - an aging horror star, who ultimately confronts a psycho-killer picking off people at a drive-in screening one of his movies.
Date: January 24

Title: Decameron, Arabian Nights
Description: A double bill of art house cinema based on classic literature, these are two fine films from Pier Paolo Passolini, showing he could work in a traditional style before he went haywire with SALO.
Dates: February 8-9

Title: Grind house Film Fest
Description: Titles to be announced
Date: February 10

Title: Electric Dreams
Description: This 1984 sci-fi tale - about a romantic rivalry between an self-aware PC and its owner - screens on a double bill with the classic HAROLD AND MAUDE. Virginia Madsen co-stars. HAROLD's Bud Cort provides the voice of the computer. Steve Barron directed from a script by Rusty Lemorande.
Dates: February 11-12

Title: Amelie
Description: Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 2001 romantic fantasy screens on a double bill with the 1964 classic UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG. Read a review of the film here; read an interview with the director here.
Dates: February 13-14

Title: Grindhouse Film Fest
Description: Titles to be announced
Date: February 24

Title: Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Description: Terry Gilliam's elaborate 1988 fantasy-adventure double bills with THE LADY EVE (1941).
Dates: February 27-28

The New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90036. Call (323) 938-4038 for more information.

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