Actress Julie Adams In Person with CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON

Julie Adams in a posed publicity shot with the Creature
Julie Adams in a posed publicity shot with the Creature

Dates: October 27
Time: screening starts at 7:30pm
Location: The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028-4605
Link out: Click here
Description: As part of their Halloween horror season of screenings, the American Cinematheque presents a double-featuring starring Julie Adams. Adams will be on hand to autograph her book :The Lucky Southern Star: Reflections From the Black Lagoon" at 6:30 PM in the Egyptian Theatre lobby, and she will answer questions from the audience between the films. Retro anaglyphic 3-D glasses will be given out before the screening!

1954, Universal, 79 min. Dir. Jack Arnold. Ichthyologist Dr. David Reed (Richard Carlson) leads a team of scientists on an expedition up the Amazon River to hunt for fossils linking prehistoric land and sea mammals. But the murky waters of the region's Black Lagoon hide more than old bones; an amphibious gill-man rises from the depths to attack the researchers. Like King Kong, the creature is captured, escapes and sets his sights on a beautiful woman - Dr. Reed's girlfriend, Kay (Julie Adams). The last of the classic Universal movie monsters, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON was one of the studio's first 3-D features, and remains among the most memorable horror films of the 1950s. [Anaglyphic 3-D, 35mm]

1952, Universal, 91 min. James Stewart stars as a former border raider who narrowly escapes the hangman's noose (he still smarts from the rope) and is trying to start over again in the wide-open Oregon country. Instead, he winds up involved with the wily and charming Arthur Kennedy in a wagon train that includes the eligible Laurie Baile (Julie Adams) and a load of supplies worth their weight in gold. One of director Anthony Mann's finest films, combining action, character and landscape in a seamless and wildly satisfying package. [35mm]

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