Andromeda Strain & Jurassic Park at New Beverly

The New Beverly Cinema - the venerable revival theatre - pays tribute to the late science-fiction author Michael Crichton with a pair of films derived form his work, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN (directed by Robert Wise, best known to sci-fi fans for the original version of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL) and JURASSIC PARK (directed by Steven Spielberg). Screenings run Sunday through Tuesday, December 28-30.

Screening times:

  • Jurassic Park: 4pm on Sunday, 7:30pm on Monday-Tuesday
  • Andromeda Strain: 6:30pm on Sunday; 9:55pm on Monday-Tuesday

The New Beverly Cinema is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90036. Call (323) 938-4038 for more information, or check out their official website:

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