Knotts Scary Farm 2013: Review

Can Knotts Scary Farm reclaim the bloody crown from Halloween Horror Nights this year? Read on to find out...if you dare!

The Knotts Berry Farm Halloween Haunt came roaring out of the grave this weekend, blazing a burning trail through the night landscape like a ghostly gunslinger blasting away with a double set of shooting irons. The multitude of ghosts and ghouls lurching through the shadow and fog may be dead - or undead - but their spirits are lively, the reanimation process having imbued them with a malevolent energy guaranteed to leave you squealing with delight. The result is an exhilarating Halloween horror show that entertains from one side of Knotts Berry Farm to the other. In fact, it's almost a sure bet that you will run out of steam before the park runs out of frights to inflict upon your weary soul.

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