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Back from Into the Black

You meet such interesting people in my line of work.

Spent this evening in the Puente Hills Mall, where we interviewed some of the…er, inhabitants of HorrorWorld, a new multi-maze Halloween attraction that combines two established mazes (Into the Black, The Fleshyard) with the new Psycho Sanitarium maze and a new virtual reality experience. Too tired right now to tell you how much fun we had, but we do recommend you check out the haunt when it opens on Friday. Get info at horrorworld.biz.

Read reviews of Into the Black here and the Fleshyard here.


Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

A graduate of USC film school, Steve Biodrowski has worked as a film critic, journalist, and editor at Movieline, Premiere, Le Cinephage, The Dark Side., Cinefantastique magazine, Fandom.com, and Cinescape Online. He is currently Managing Editor of Cinefantastique Online and owner-operator of Hollywood Gothique.