Back to the Future Triple Bill at New Beverly & Aero

 It's BACK TO THE FUTURE Triple Bill Mania this weekend, with two - count 'em, two - theatres offering the complete trilogy from start to finish for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.

Up first is the New Beverly Theatre in Los Angeles, which screens the three films on Friday and Saturday, starting at 7:30pm both nights; there is a special $10-charge for tickets. Then on Saturday, the American Cinematheque gets into the act, screening the trilogy at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, starting at 5:00pm. The Cinematheque presentation is supposed to include special guests, but no no names have been announced yet.

So is this dueling set of triple bills a complete coincidence? Or is it deliberate, head-to-head competition? You be the judge. As far as we can see, the only possible motivation for hauling these films out of the mothballs is that 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of BACK TO THE FUTURE II, which I would argue (in the minority, I know) is the best of the three.

Location: New Beverly Cinema - 7165 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles (323) 938-4038
Link out: Click here
Dates: Friday & Saturday, May 29-30 at 7:30pm

Location: Aero Theatre - 1328 Montana Avenue at 14th Street in Santa Monica
Link out: Click here
Date: Saturday, May 30 at 5:00pm