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Barbeau exposes Hollywood Vampyres

Vampyres of HollywoodActress Adrienne Barbeau is known to fans of cinefantastique for her roles in such films as THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, CREEPSHOW, and TWO EVIL EYES. She is also, now, an author, with a novel coming out on July 8. Written in collaboration with Michael Scott, the book is titled Vampyres of Hollywood. In support of the publication, Barbeau will be doing a book tour, with stops around the country but mostly in Southern California. The premise is that vampires – excuse me, vampyres – work in the Hollywood film industry, churning out disinformation that misleads humans as to the true strengths and weaknesses of the undead (for example, the novel’s vampires are immune to sunlight). The official description from Publishers Weekly goes on:

  • One of the biggest bamboozlers is Ovsanna Moore, a seductive centuries-old vampire currently producing and acting in B-movies with titles like Vatican Vampyres. When humans and vampires in her studio entourage begin dying spectacularly gruesome deaths, Ovsanna knows that someone is specifically targeting her. Since it’s just a matter of time before investigating detective Peter King uncovers Ovsanna’s vampire pedigree, she must solve the mystery or “die” and resurface somewhere else. Alternate chapters from Peter and Ovsanna’s limited points of view build narrative tension. Briskly paced and full of fang-in-cheek humor, this novel is one of the more entertaining recent works of supernatural noir.

Barbeau’s ex-husband, writer-director John Carpenter (seen with Barbeau in the pic at top), apparently enjoyed the book enough to provide a funny, favorable quote: “Sexy, funny and gory – and that’s just the first chapter. If I’d known she could write like this, I would’ve stuck around a little longer.”

Here is a list of Bareau’s Southern California book tour appearances below the fold

  • July 16 @ 7:00pm: The Americana Barnes & Noble in Glendale, CA
  • July 19 @ 2:00pm: Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA
  • July 23 @ 7:30pm: Book Soup in West Hollywood, CA
  • July 26 @ 1:30pm: San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA
  • July 29 @ 7:00pm: Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks, CA
  • August 10 @ 3:00pm: Books Inc. in Palo Alto, CA