Best Worst Movie

Location: Nuart Theatre, 11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles, CA
Dates: May 21-27

Description: A hit on the festival circuit last year, this documentary about the TROLL 2 phenomenon gets a limited theatrical release in a handful of calendar houses around the country. The idea of fashioning a tribute to an obscure shlock film from the 1980s hardly sounds appealing, but the trailer makes BEST WORST MOVIE look extremely amusing, focusing on the experiences of a small-town dentist, whose patients discover, to their dismay, that decades ago he appeared in a movie, one that is now embraced by some camp enthusiasts as the "worst movie ever made." Whether or not the description is warranted, it leads to a strange sort of celebrity for the former actor as he travels to the big city for revival screening, where he is welcomed like a star. Funny stuff.

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