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Blackout Haunted House adds more Halloween 2012 dates

When we first posted an announcement about the Blackout Haunted House 2012, the Halloween event listed dates for October 26 through November 1. They have since added dates for October 20, 21, 23, 24 and 25.

This haunt has apparently been around a year years in New York; Halloween 2012 represents its debut in Los Angeles.The gimmick is that thrill-seekers (18 and over only) must go through one at a time and be subjected to various forms of abuse. The Blackout Haunted House’s Facebook page promises “tactical [sic]* experience: you will see, touch and smell things that will be imprinted in your mind for the rest of the evening.”

  • We’re assuming they meant “tactile” – of or having to do with the sense of touch.