Blue Velvet at Arclight Hollywood

The American Film Institute presents David Lynch's bizarre murder mystery as part of their AFI 100 Series. Written and directed by AFI Conservatory graduate David Lynch, BLUE VELVET begins, iconically, with the discovery of a severed human ear in a field of grass. The protagonist, young Jeffrey Beaumont (played by Kyle McLaughlinMacLachlan), finds this ear in his small and humble American town. Jeffery decides to investigate the mystery on his own. Rather than unraveling a traditional whodunit, Jeffrey becomes, becoming drawn into a world of femmes fatales and Nitrous Oxide Huffing and madmen. The latter is the unforgettable character of -most memorably Frank Booth, played by Dennis Hopper. As Jeffery Jeffrey tumbles further down the rabbit hole, we are taken along for an unusual tour of America, distorted through Lynch's funhouse mirror.

Location: Arclight Cinemas Hollywood - 6360 W. Sunset Blvd in Hollywood
Link out: Click here
Date: Wednesday, June 17 at 8pm

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