Body Double w/ 52 Pick Up

Location: The Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Date: November 19 at 8pm
Link out: Click here
Description: Brian De Palma’s controversial, densely layered and fantastically fun film is a love/hate letter to many things: Hitchcock, filmmaking itself, Los Angeles landmarks, and controversy itself. This righteous sleaze-a-thon -- originally intended to be (in De Palma’s own words) an “X-rated suspense porn picture”, made in reaction to his previous battles with the MPAA ratings board and critics everywhere -- follows Craig Wasson as an down-on-his-luck actor who chances into housesitting at an opulent, neon-laden Space Age bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills. His voyeuristic tendencies get the better of him, as his “innocent” telescope peeping on a sexy neighbor ensnares him into a foggy life-threatening plot involving the porno underworld, a super-hot Melanie Griffith, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and a creepy Indian’s deadly power tools. Rich with scummy sunbaked glitz, shoutouts to Rear Window and Vertigo, Pino Donaggio’s undulating synth score and enough metaphysical Moebius strips to make even Philip K. Dick swoon, this jizz-jazzy stylistic freakout remains one of De Palma’s most satisfying clockwork contraptions. Dir. Brian De Palma, 1984, 35mm, 114 min.

Preceded by 52 PICK UP at 8pm. BODY DOUBLE screens at 10pm