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Boney Island closing its cauldrons for 2019

Boney Island, the former yard haunt that went pro for 2018, will go dark this Halloween, due to difficulty securing their location in time to set up. The announcement, written in the jocular style typical for the haunt, was made today via Facebook:

Carneck, the Man Who Knows All, looked deep into his crystal ball and saw that the venue for Boney Island had to postpone this year’s event. We will be dark this season while we use the time creating more tricks & treats for the future. We hope your ghouls & goblins have a Happy Halloween!

This is sad news but not unexpected, as rumors had been swirling about delays getting signed agreements to return to the Griffith Park location, where Boney Island was situated last year, next door to the Los Angeles Live Steamers Ghost Train.

No official announcement has been made regarding Ghost Train’s return, but the Los Angeles Live Steamer’s website, lals.org, has been suspended, and their attraction’s Facebook page has not posted dates for this October.


Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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