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Boot Hill – Irvine, CA

Boot Hill is “Orange County’s MOST ELABORATE yard display “ according to their website. It is back for its 19th year along with spirts from the old western town of Bridgewood. A neat little video runs while guests wait in line that lays some background on the Legend of Boot Hill and the ghost of Jedidiah Smith.

Contrary to the claim of the “most elaborate yard display”, Boot Hill is a bit more than just a display. The set is a cemetary and a church filled with visual effects along with a few pop scares. It was not a typical cemetery/display. There are visual effects beyond the gravemarkers if one is patient enough to wait it out a little bit. Once we got to the end, where it “dead-ends” (see what I did there?), a simulated explosion occurs in an area that looks like a mine. The cave wall,, then becomes opaque and a scare actor charges at you. Since it is a dead end and we had to turn back, we were met with pop up scares from a few of the most unsuspecting places; leaving us asking: “Wait, was that there before??”

We liked how Boot Hill was able to utilize a small space and make magic with it like Ikea and turn it into an “elaborate” display and haunt. Some people like yard displays, some like a haunt. With Boot Hill, you get both!

Boot Hill Is open October 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 from 7-10PM and is located at 16 Goldenrod, Irvine, CA. It is free for everyone and donations are accepted to benefit CHOC. FYI this is a quiet community, after 10pm, cars can be ticketed.



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