Chasing Mummies & The Mummy (1932)

Title: Chasing Mummies & The Mummy (1932)
Location: Aero Theatre, 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA
Date: September 25 at 3pm
Link out: Click here
Description: "Chasing Mummies," Episode 5: SUNKEN, 44 min. Zahi Hawass has finally permitted archaeologists from the Hellenic Institute to dive into the Mediterranean Sea and bring up a relic confirmed to be part of Cleopatra’s historic shrine. But with the persistent problems of permits and an impending storm approaching, Hawass’ fury is felt by everyone working to get this 2,000-year-old pylon out of Alexandria's Eastern Harbor.

THE MUMMY, 1932, Universal, 73 min. Dir. Karl Freund. Boris Karloff gives one of his finest performances as the 3000-year-old Egyptian who returns from the dead to reclaim reincarnated love Zita Johann, in cinematographer-turned-director Karl Freund’s marvelously atmospheric chiller - easily the best of many mummy films to come. Lecture and discussion between films with archaeologist David Cheetham.

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