Chester Turner Tribute

Location: Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 16 at 10pm
Link out: Click here
Description: As part of its 3rd Annual Halloween Horror Film Fest, the Cinefamily presents this double to the low-budget auteur, featuring BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL and TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE. From the website:

Who the hell is Chester Turner? He’s easily the most mysterious auteur to emerge from the ‘80s camcorder horror underground, shocking unsuspecting video renters with these two notorious and demented visions. Clearly impoverished -- one can almost picture Turner deciding between a bus pass and making his film -- no other films in this series better exemplify the feeling that this person just had to make a movie, no matter the limitations. Black Devil Doll From Hell stars Shirley L. Jones as a Bible-thumping virgin who buys a creepy, dreadlocked dummy at a thirft store, to find that it walks, talks and is ready to bust a nut. After an astonishingly extended and awkwardly artificial rape sequence, our poor heroine is unable to find another “man” to satisfy her. Trust us, you won’t be prepared enough for this grimy, foul and incredibly quotable taboo-buster. If that doesn’t sound bizarre enough for you, then Chester’s follow-up omnibus film, Tales From The Quadead Zone, is right up your slimy alley. Ms. Jones returns as a bereaved mom who entertains her invisible ghost son with two spooky stories, involving rednecks fighting over sandwiches and a dead body dressed up as a clown. Perhaps the single weirdest thing (coming from a long, long list) about Quadead is its poignant, surprisingly personal ending. As Shock Cinema says: “Difficult to endure, impossible to forget, and loads of fun to discuss afterwards.” This night is a celebration of a dream come true for all of us cinemasochists: Rotten Cotten’s pending DVD release of these two Turner classics!