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Cinefamily presents Lesbian Vampires

During the month of February, the Cinefamily’s “Friday Midnights” series will be consist of a festival of Lesbian Vampire films. Inspired by the success of Hammer Films’ 1970 effort THE VAMPIRE LOVERS (a racy, colorful adaptation of J. Sheridan LeFanu’s classic tale Carmilla), exploitation filmmakers jumped on the bandwagon, creating a brief wave of similarly themed films. More cult than classic, many of these were movies that you would have been lucky to see on late-night television, let alone in a theatre. Now is your chance to revel in their over-heated exploitation ethos on the big screen. The series screens on Fridays at midnight in the Silent Movie Theatre in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles.

Title: The Blood Spattered Bride (trailer at top)
Description: A 1972 riff on the CARMILLA story from Spain.
Date: February 06

Title: Vampyres
Description: This violent, bloody 1974 tale of female vampires who drain their male victims dry.
Date: February 13

Title: The Velvet Vampire
Description: Cult director Stephanie Rothman’s 1971 exploitation flick.
Date: February 20

Title: Daughters of Darkness
Description: Unlike other films in the series, Harry Kumel’s 1971 film (starring Delphine Seyrig and DARK SHADOWS’ John Karlen) actually has some art house cache.
Date: February 27

The Silent Movie Theatre is located at 611 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036. Call 323-655-2510 for more information, or check out their website: www.silentmovietheatre.com.