Cinefamily's 100 Most Outrageous Kills: Encore

scanners exploding headLocation: The Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Date: November 13 at 10pm
Description: Back by popular demand! If you weren't able to attend the Cinefamily's Halloween weekend show, here's your chance to satiate yourself with an avalanche of insane gornography!

From the golden age of goremastery to the innovative new technologies of modern effects wizards, cinema is littered with the bodies of the awesomely dispatched -- and cold-blooded murder, in the hands of innovative filmmakers who present it in ways we’ve never seen before, can be a heavenly fine art. Tonight, in a show originated at Austin, Texas’s Alamo Drafthouse, we’ll be celebrating the absolute finest in on-screen annihilation with a non-stop nightmare of intestine-ripping, head-bursting, unrepentant baby-eating and other crimson-soaked savagery! This night is intended for the most severe and iron-stomached bloodhounds around, and we accept absolutely no responsibility for lost lunches. Wimps and weekend horrormeisters, leave the hall; if you can’t stand the meat, stay out of the kitchen. See all you deathbeasts in the murderpit!!!!

Link out: click here