Cinefamily's 3rd Annual Halloween Horror Film Fest

Opera (1987), one of the Thursday Giallo screenings
Opera (1987), one of the Thursday Giallo screenings

The Cinefamily is back from the grave with another festival of horror running throughout the month of October, including everything from TWO THOUSAND MANIACS and HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL to CARRIE and DEEP RED. "Cinefamily's 3rd Annual Horror Film Fest" is comprised of several mini-film series: Giallos - i.e., Italian thrillers in the violent vein of PSYCHO - screen on Thursdays; Friday Night Double Features present "Stephen King: Adapting the Master;" on Saturday afternoons you can check out "William Castle Shockers;" and Sunday is Ladies Night with "Mistresses of Horror" - featuring horror films written and/or directed by women. In-person guests include Mary Lambert, Mary Harron, Guinevere Turner, and Katt Shea. Special events include a Comedy Death Ray presentation of THE BLOB and a Heavy Metal Halloween Party-Fundraiser on October 30.

Thursday Night Giallos include DEEP RED and OPERA from the Italian master of terror, Dario Argento, plus films by Umberto Lenzi and others. Stephen King: Adapting the Master includes CHRISTINE, CARRIE, DREAMCATCHER, and two series of student-filmed short subjects, grouped together as "Dollar Babies." William Castle Shockers include 13 GHOSTS, STRAIGHT-JACKET, HOMICIDAL, MACABRE, MR. SARDONICUS, THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, and THE TINGLER. And Mistresses of Horror includes a double bill of PET SEMATARY films, AMERICAN PSYCHO, STRIPPED TO KILL, and POISON IVY.

The festival runs from October 1 through 31 at the Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. Get more info at the Silent Movie Theatre's official website.

Check out the scary schedule:

October 1

  • Christine (brand-new 35mm print!) w/ Carrie - Adapting Stephen King: 8pm

October 2

October 3

  • Dollar Babies Mini-Film Fest, Day 2 - Adatpting Stephen King: 2pm
  • American Psycho (director Mary Harron & writer Guinevere Turner in person!) - Mistresses of Horror: 8pm. NOTE: RESCHEDULED FROM OCTOBER 10.

October 5

October 7

  • Dario Argento Double Feature: Deep Red (uncut!) w/ Opera - Giallo: 8pm

October 8

  • Mutant Girls Squad w/ Alien Vs. Ninja (co-presented by Giant Robot) - 8pm
  • Dreamcatcher - Adapting Stepehn King: midnight

October 9

  • Cinefamily Pajama Party #2: The Craft w/ Teen Witch - 8pm

October 10

  • Pet Sematary w/ Pet Sematary Two (director Mary Lambert in person!) - Mistresses of Horror: 8pm NOTE: RESCHEDULED FROM OCTOBER 3.

October 12

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore w/ Two Thousand Maniacs - 8pm

October 14

  • Umberto Lenzi Triple Feature: Paranoia w/ Eyeball & Dirty Pictures - Giallo: 8pm

October 15

  • House of the Devil w/ Dead Alive - 8pm

October 16

  • Strait-Jacket w/ Homicidal - William Castle Shockers: 6pm
  • Chester Turner Tribute Night: Black Devil Doll From Hell w/ Tales From The Quadead Zone - 10pm

October 17

  • TBA - 8pm

October 19

October 21

  • Amer w/ Perfume of the Lady In Black & What Have You Done To Solange? - Giallo: 8pm

October 22

  • The Diabolical Dr. Cinefamily's Horrifying Anthology Of Horror Anthologies(feat. Night Train To Terror & Creepshow) - 8pm

October 23

  • Macabre w/ Mr. Sardonicus - William Castle Shockers: 6p
  • Bleeding Skull presents: A Night To Dismember w/ Don't Panic! - 10pm

October 24

  • Stripped To Kill w/ Poison Ivy (director Katt Shea in person!) - Mistresses of Horror: 8pm

October 25

  • Comedy Death-Ray: Brian Posehn presents The Blob - 8pm

October 26

  • Ken Russell '80s Horror: Lair of the White Worm w/ Gothic - 8pm

October 27

  • Doug Benson's Movie Interruptions: October show (guests TBA) - 8pm

October 28

October 29

  • Cinefamily's 100 Most Outrageous Kills - 8pm

October 30

October 31

  • House On Haunted Hill w/ The Tingler (William Castle's daughter Terry Castle in person!) - William Castle Shockers: 6pm