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Cinefamily’s Fantasy & Horror Tidbits

The first couple months of 2009 will see a slew of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror movies screening at the Cinefamily’s Silent Movie Theatre in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles. In January, there will be a Beyond Anime series on Fridays at midnights; in February, the Friday midnight slot will be filled by a series of lesbian vampire movies. Scattered in between these two festivals will be some interesting genre titles that screen as part of other series: RETURN TO OZ, THE SECRET LIFE OF JEFFREY DAHMER, DERANGED, LAURA, VERTIGO, and MAD LOVE.

Title: Return to Oz
Description: The 1985 sequel to WIZARD OF OZ screens as part of the Cinefamily’s Fucked-Up Kids Movies” festival.
Date: January 10 at 10pm

Title: The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer & Deranged
Description: As part of the Cinefamily’s True Crime series, this documentary about the infamous serial killer screens on a double bill with American International Pictures’ film version of the life of Ed Gein, the real-life psycho who inspired PSYCHO. Carl Crew, writer and star of DAHMER, will appear after his film to answer questions.
Date: January 30 at 7:30pm

Title: Laura & Vertigo
Description: Otto Preminger’s murder-mystery LAURA screens with Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller VERTIGO, as part of the Cinefamily’s Romantic Obsession series. Neither film is truly horror, but both have a bizarre necrophiliac vibe, with allegedly likable leading men who seem to be romantically fixated on dead women.
Date: February 06 at 7:30pm

Peter Lorre in MAD LOVE

Title: Mad Love & El
Description: Director Karl Fruend’s 1930s reworking of HANDS OF ORLAC features Peter Lorre as a mad scientist who grafts the hands of a murderer onto the arms of an injured pianist – all part of a plot to win the pianist’s wife, who resembles a statue of Galatea that the scientist worships. EL is Luis Bunuel’s darkly comic exploration of romantic obsession and foot fetishism – not a horror film but bizarre enough to be of interest.
Date: February 13 at 8pm.

Location: The Silent Movie Theatre is located at 611 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036. Call 323-655-2510 for more information, or check out their website: www.silentmovietheatre.com.