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Classic Home Haunts Panel, Part 4: Jeff Gustafson, Diane Meyer & Rick Polizzi

In the fourth and final installment of ScareLA’s Classic Home Haunts panel, Steve Biodrowski (Hollywood Gothique) interviews the proprietors of The Backwoods Maze, Rotten Apple 907, and Boney Island. For average Halloween fans, this is probably the most interesting of the four parts of the video, with general discussion of dealing with neighbors, keeping unruly people in line, and making sure your artificial moss doesn’t go up in a puff of smoke when the fire marshal arrives.

Part 1 of the video focused on Rick Polizzi and Boney Island. Part 2 featured Diane Meyer and Rotten Apple 907. Part 3 delved deep into the Backwood Maze with Jeff Gustafson.

The panel took place on August 10, 2013 at ScareLA, the Los Angeles Halloween convention.