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Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin coming to Palace Theatre

Prog-rock keyboardist Claudio Simonetti is coming to the Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, November 27 to give a live-to-film performance of the soundtrack for Suspiria. The performance is part of a north American tour celebrating the 45th anniversary of Dario Argento’s 1977 horror classic.  Other US dates include the Castro Theatre in San Francisco on November 29 and the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon on December 2-3 (full schedule here).

Simonetti is also promoting a new recording of the Suspiria soundtrack, titled the “prog rock version,” performed by his version of Goblin, which consists of Daniele Amador on guitar, Cecilia Nappo on bass, and Federico Maragoni on drums. (Simonetti is the only original member of Goblin in the group, whose other members have toured and recorded under the “Goblin” moniker; original guitarist Massimo Morante died in June.)

If the show follows the template of Simonetti’s 2019 appearance at the Palace, it will begin with the live-to-film performance (screening the film from Simonetti’s blu-ray disc), followed by a set of greatest hits.

The Palace Theatre is located at 630 S, Broadway in Los Angeles, near Clifton’s Republic. Tickets are official sold out at the venue but can be purchased at various ticket outlets (at inflated prices of course).

Update: For anyone interested in attending future shows on the tour, here is the set list:

  • Suspiria full score performed live-to-film
    Demons Main Title
    Dawn of the Dead medley
    Tenebre medley
    Phenomena medley
    Suspiria – 45th anniversary version of main title
    Markos – 45th anniversary version


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