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Coffin Creek will return for Halloween 2016

After going on hiatus in 2015, the Coffin Creek Halloween attraction will return to Crossroads Riverview Park in Corona. The haunt is being reduced from five attractions to three: the Haunted Asylum at Coffin Creek; the Catacombs of Guasti Cemetery; and the Prado Witch Trail. The two mazes that used to be presented by The Figment Foundry (Chambers of the Mausoleum and Labyrinth of Lost Relics) will not be in operation, as the company has moved on to other projects. There will also be vendors at the Dark Shadow Market Place.

Other changes include free parking and a return to the name “Coffin Creek” – the original maze at the location. (The event had come to be known as “Crossroads Haunted Village” after expanding to five different attractions, all independently owned and operated.) The remaining haunts will be arranged in a tighter geographical grouping, to avoid the lengthy walks over uneven rural terrain in the dark (an unfortunate aspect of the haunt in previous years).

Legal issues following the death of Crossroad Park’s landlord led the local parks department not to authorize the event for Halloween 2015. The property is still in probate, hence the scaled-back presentation. There are plans to resurrect the park’s haunted hayride for 2017.

Learn more at CoffinCreek.com.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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