Day the Earth Stood Still plus Sci-Fi Short Subjects

This Friday, a brand new 35mm print of the 1951 classic THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - about an alien named who comes to warn Earth against pursuing nuclear weapons - begins a one week run at the New Beverly, along with a bonus sci-fi trailer show.  The comings attractions trailer includes a brief newsreel bit, featuring the alien Klatuu (played by Michael Rennie in the film) receiving a certificate of merit on behalf of the film, from the World Science Fiction Convention. They had sci-fi cons back in those days? Who knew?

Location: New Beverly Cinema - 7165 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 938-4038
Link out: Click here
Dates: May 15 through 21

  • DAY screens at 7:30pm on weeknights, with an additional matinee at 3:55 on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The trailer show screens at 9:25pm on weeknights, with a 5:50 afternoon screening on Saturday and Sunday.