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Delusion 2013 Delayed

delusion-smallDelusion: The Masque of Mortality has been delayed from its planned debut, which was supposed to take place last night. There were problems with permits, which were initially expected to affect only the discounted preview nights on Thursday and Friday; instead, the play has been pushed back until October 10.

The permit problems may be an unavoidable side effect of staging a play with customers moving through a real location, but the last-minute announcement (made on the haunted play’s Facebook page) left some ticket-holders wondering what ┬áto do. The producers insist that everyone will be accommodated, but when and how remain open questions. (The Facebook announcement gives October 3 as the new opening date; the email sent to the press gives the date as Octobber 10.)*

If there is a silver lining to this cloud, it is that, whenver Delusion: The Masque of Mortality finally opens, it will make up the lost dates by extending its run into December (it was originally scheduled to close on November 13.

Hollywood Gothique sincerely hopes that Delusion: Interactive Theatre gets up and running as soon as possible. We were eagerly looking forward to attending this weekend; the delay will seem interminable.

*UPDATE: Apparently, the confusion of dates is explained by the fact that Delusion opened for the public several days before the official media night on October 10.