Delusion: Alt Delete Preview Weekend Discounts

Delusion: Interactive Theatre is offering discount code for early performances of its latest production, Alt Delete: use the word 'PREVIEW' to get $10 off any ticket during preview weekends in September.

Alt Delete continues the story line from last Halloween's The Blue Blade, in which audience members were cast as new recruits to the Safeguard Society, hunting down scientist Evelyn Lowell, who was using the blade's time-traveling power to rewrite history. The new show has the audience working for Lowell on a Mission Impossible-style adventure, heading back to the 1980s to erase traces of Evelyn and themselves from existence. Filled with puzzles and challenges, Alt Delete will be smaller scale than previous Delusion productions, but it will include the stunts and special effects that have defined the franchise.

Alt Delete will have two Preview Weekends: the first will take place from Wednesday, September 18th to Sunday, September 22nd; the second runs from Wednesday September 25th to Sunday, September 29th. The location is the Dragon and Meeple tabletop gaming pub at 3742 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Tickets are on sale now

Alt Delete runs through December 15th, 2019 with shows starting from 5:40pm to 11:40pm Wednesday through Sunday.

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