Demon Lover Diary

Title: Demon Lover Diary
Location: Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 19 at 8pm
Link out: Click here
Description: As part of its 3rd Annual Halloween Horror Film Fest, the Cinefamily presents this documentary about the making of the obscure, low-budget horror movie DEMON LOVER. From the website:

"Don and Jerry, factory workers who grew up on comic books and B-movies, are fulfilling a lifetime dream: they’re producing their own low-budget horror movie. Jeff and Joel, lovers and cinema-verité filmmakers, and a friend of theirs named Mark have come out to Michigan to help the dream come true: they’re shooting The Demon Lover for Don and Jerry. Two weeks after production starts, Jeff and Joel and Mark are fleeing Michigan — bullets ricocheting off the car -- lives and a complete record of the events in jeopardy. The subject of my film isn’t just the ups-and-downs of making a horror movie. It’s about cultural snobbery, the disintegration of friendship, puppy love, violence, boredom, money -- a diary about encountering the Midwest when you’re from someplace else.

"A note: I wouldn’t want anyone to think the horror movie wasn’t Serious Business. After all, Don and Jerry’s method of financing it is a model for all filmmakers. Don mortgaged his furniture and car — which netted $3000 -- and Jerry cut off his finger in an industrial “accident.” The finger netted $8000. Jerry’s only regret was that if he’d waited a year, he would have gotten $15,000 for it." -- Joel DeMott
Dir. Joel DeMott, 1980, 16mm, 90 min.