Film Review: Insidious Chapter 2

Those Paranormal Poltergeists are back; no, wait - I mean those Sinister Spooks are back; no, wait - I mean those Insidious Spectres are back, in the latest horror opus from Blumhouse Productions. The malefic forces once again display a remarkable aptitude for malevolently lurking in shadows, ominously opening doors, eerily activating toys, and judiciously picking just the right moment to jump out and say, "BOO!" However, their supernatural shtick is outwearing its welcome, and this sequel to INSIDIOUS (2010) has little to add to its predecessor, except back story - and story ain't exactly the strength of these films, is it? Consequently, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 feels like a guided tour through a haunted house you have visited once too often: the scares come too seldom, and the guide keeps boring you with background details you don't really need - or want - to know.

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