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Disney Classics Scheduled for El Capitan

After BOLT finishes up its run at El Capitan, Disney has two of its classic animated films lined up to fill the lavish Hollywood Theatre: OLIVER AND COMPANY, followed by PINOCCHIO. The first is nothing special, but PINOCCHIO is generally considered one of the company’s high-water marks; the old-fashioned hand-drawn animation has a warmth and beauty often lacking from today’s frequently sterile computer-animation. Disney always likes to offer something a little extra when they roll out their old films at El Capitan. The 10:00am screenings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will include a “Character Breakfast” at the Disney Fountain & Studio Store right next to the theatre; seating is limited, so reserve ahead of time.

Title: Oliver and Company
Description: Disney presents its animated dog-and-cat comedy for a two-week run. Could this mean a DVD/Blu-ray release is in the works?
Date: January 9-22

Title: Pinocchio
Description: Disney’s classic animated fantasy, about the puppet who wants to be a real boy, screens for three weeks at the Disney-owned theatre in Hollywood.
Start Date: Janaruy 23-February 12

Location: El Capitan – 6838 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
Phone: 1-800-347-6396