Double Bill: Hitchcock & Psycho at Cinematheque

Date: November 10 at 7:30pm

Location: The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

Link out: Click here

Description: The American Cinematheque presents a double bill of HITCHCOCK and PSYCHO - a perfect pairing, as the former is a docudrama about the making of the latter. Over five decades after its release, PSYCHO remains a classic horror-thriller; the old-fashioned trappings (such as black-and-white photography) add a patina that grows more glossy with time. The behind-the-scenes story is an interesting one too; the rendition here is based on a book by Stephen Rebello, which began life as a cover story in Cinefantastique magazine (unfortunately, the CFQ website has not posted the article online, so we cannot link to it).

From the website:

hitchcock_2012_390HITCHCOCK. 2012, Fox Searchlight, USA, Dir: Sacha Gervasi. Based on Stephen Rebello's book "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho," Sacha Gervasi's love story for movie lovers centers on the rotund Master of Suspense (Anthony Hopkins) and his smart, discerning wife and collaborator Alma Reville (Helen Mirren) during the making of Hitch's most shocking, daring and influential film, PSYCHO. With Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, James D'Arcy as Anthony Perkins and Jessica Biel as Vera Miles.

psycho poster greenPSYCHO. 1960, Universal, 109 min, USA, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock. Coming off the comparatively big budget NORTH BY NORTHWEST, director Alfred Hitchcock decided he wanted to make a nice little, low-budget black-and-white film for a change of pace. This was the result, and the shock waves are still reverberating. Lovely embezzler Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) takes refuge from a rainstorm off the beaten track on a lonely California highway. Unfortunately, she checks in at the Bates Motel, presided over by young Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), a strange fellow living with his mother in a nearby mansion. Hitchcock used the small crew from his popular TV show for this hair-raising example of California Gothic, and it remains one of the most influential chillers ever made. With Vera Miles and John Gavin.

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