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Double Creature Feature: The Zombie’s Monologue & Feast

Location: The Ruby Theatre in The Complex, 6476 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90038

Link out: Click here

Dates: October 29 through November 1

Description: Two short, horrifying plays are performed in tandem at the Ruby Theatre. Matt Katzenberger’s THE ZOMBIE MONOLOGUES follows a middle-aged zombie whose species is dying out since their food source was depleted. Dylan Mark Wallace’s FEAST follows a daughter struggling with family issues, including parents with unusual appetites for…guess what?

All performances start at 8pm.

Read a complete description from the theatre’s website:

Just for Halloween! These two short plays, The Zombie’s Monologue, written by Matt Katzenberger, and Feast, written by Dylan Wallace, explore the terrifying lives of the undead and the living…both have one blood chilling thing in common, a taste for BRAINS!

Come out and wear a costume for a treat! A spooky, creepy and bloody start to your Halloween festivities!

The Zombie’s Monologue: Humanity’s gone. The zombies are dying out. Soon the earth will have peace. Lynch, a middle aged zombie, has been wandering alone since his horde’s food source ran out and his horde disbanded. Art museums have been pulling him in, holding his attention, though his lack of brain activity has made it impossible for him to make sense of why. That is, until tonight…

FEAST: Sibyl is doing her best to both please her parents and do well in school; unfortunately for her, Mother and Father are tough customers to please, and to make matters worse, their anniversary is fast approaching and Sibyl is unsure how to properly celebrate the occasion and juggle a huge presentation for Ms. Bind’s class. Her sister Rachel has always been more of a parent to her but now she has mysteriously disappeared, and any mention of her name is enough to send Mother and Father through the roof! But who will take Sibyl to school tomorrow for her presentation? Certainly not Mother nor Father, and most certainly not archaic and decrepit Grandfather. All of this stress to keep up in school, cater to Mother and Father’s needs, be a good daughter, and the heartache over Rachel’s disappearance has killed Sibyl’s appetite. And it couldn’t have happened at a worse time as Mother has just prepared a most magnificent feast. A feast any child would regret not eating… especially if she knew it could be her last.