2012 Halloween Horror Screenings: Dracula (1931) & Horror of Dracula (1958)

Location: The Aero Theatre, 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Description: As part of its 2012 Halloween Horror events, the American Cinematheque presents a double bill of Dracula: 1931's DRACULA, starring the great Bela Lugosi in glorious black-and-white; and 1958's HORROR OF DRACULA, starring the great Christopher Lee in glorious Technicolor. Though frequently criticized for its slow pace, the Lugosi DRACULA retains its classic status thanks to performances by Lugosi, Dwight Frye (as Renfield) and Edward Van Sloan (as Van Helsing), abetted by some atmospheric sets and photography. HORROR OF DRACULA is a bold and beautiful re-imagining of the vampire legend, presented with flair and gusto, pitting Lee's vampiric Count against Peter Cushing's steely Van Helsing.

Before the films, there will be a book signing for the Monsterverse graphic novel 'Flesh And Blood: Book One' and for Bela Lugosi’s 'Tales From the Grave,' starting in the Aero lobby at 6:30 PM. Between films, there will be a discussion with publisher and artist Kerry Gammill, editor and screenwriter Sam F. Park, writer Robert Tinnell and comic book and Hollywood conceptual artist Henry Mayo, with more special guests to be announced.

There is a special senior ticket price for this event: $5! Regular ticket prices apply for General, Student, and Member admission.

Date: October 29 at 7:30pm

Link out: Click here

From the website:

DRACULA 1931 Bela Lugosi and Francis DadeDRACULA (Film Review) 1931, Universal, 75 min, USA. Director Tod Browning (FREAKS) and actor Bela Lugosi established the Transylvanian count as one of the archetypal movie vampires and a monster icon for Universal Studios’ golden era of classic horror films. This adaptation of Hamilton Deane’s then-popular stage play of Bram Stoker’s novel is quite different from Murnau’s silent NOSFERATU, and from later works coming from Hammer Studios from the 1950s through 1970s and Francis Ford Coppola in 1990. Real estate agent Renfield (played by everyone’s favorite madman Dwight Frye) goes insane after visiting Dracula at his Transylvanian castle and is thereafter confined to a London asylum, though he does the count’s bidding as a hypnotized slave when Dracula comes to Britain and moves into deserted Carfax Abbey. David Manners is Jonathan Harker and Helen Chandler is his lady love, whom Dracula wants to make his bride. Edward Van Sloan, a fixture in early Universal horrors, is Professor Van Helsing.

horror of dracula lee copyHORROR OF DRACULA (Film Review) 1958, Warner Bros., 82 min, UK. Director Terence Fisher and screenwriter Jimmy Sangster’s stripped-to-the-basics, expertly paced take on Bram Stoker’s popular bloodsucker remains one of the most satisfying, just plain exciting Gothic horror films ever made. From Christopher Lee’s revelatory, broodingly romantic performance as Dracula (introducing a sexual frisson to the proceedings) to Fisher’s masterful direction, from Peter Cushing’s Professor Van Helsing to Jack Asher’s atmosphere-drenched cinematography and James Bernard’s superb score, this is perfection. One of Hammer’s most enduring masterpieces!

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