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Wicked Lit video featuring Hollywood Gothique

While attending this season’s Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival, Hollywood Gothique was approached after the performance by Paul Millet, one of the show’s producers, about being interviewed by Cailley Chella of Century City-Westwood News. Chella was shooting a short a video, and she wanted wanted some audience reactions. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to extol the virtues of Wicked Lit, praising it for being dramatic and atmospheric while eschewing the crude jump-scares of other Halloween attractions. (We also admitted to shedding a tear at the end of “Teig O’Kane and the Corpse,” but that comment was cut out.)

Selecting us was totally serendipitous – Millet did not recognize Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood Gothique in the darkness of the Mountainv Vew Mausoleum and Cemetery. However, upon reading our business card, Chella was nice enough to say that she consulted our website every October when deciding what Halloween events to visit.

The finished video was posted on October 29 on the Century City-Westwood News site and on their Facebook page. It’s a nice little behind-the-scenes look at producing an immersive play in a real mausoleum. Notably, Mrs. Hollywood Gothique, who was drawn into the interview as well, delivers the best line. Enjoy!

Note: Placing a Facebook video in the featured space atop our post can be twitchy (sometimes text displays instead of the video), so we are embedding the video in the body of the post as well, just to be safe.


Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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