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Edward Scissorhands SEO musical mix up

One amusing aspect of running a website for nearly two decades is seeing old articles suddenly jump up in popularity, usually because some kind of anniversary has revived interest, or perhaps a new production of some old property is taking place. For example, our 2006 review of Matthew Bourne’s ballet adaptation of Edward Scissorhands has recently become one of the most popular posts on Hollywood Gothique – though not for the right reason.

Recent interest in a stage adaptation Tim Burton’s 1990 film has obviously been generated by the revival of Scissorhands: A Musical Tribute, currently playing at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood. We reviewed this dinner theatre adaptation, back when it was at Rockwell Table & Stage in 2019 (then titled Scissorhands: A Musical Inspired by the Film). Yet for some reason, that far more relevant article has received no boost in popularity.

Apparently, our SEO for the Matthew Bourne review was so good it is showing up in search results even when people are looking for the musical tribute, not the ballet. Perhaps the problem is that Bourne’s effort billed itself as a “musical dance” production instead of a “ballet,” presumably to avoid scaring away fans of the film who might have been turned off by the thought of arabesques and pirouettes. So now when people do an internet search for “Scissorhands Musical,” they find the ballet instead of the musical, which must be at least a little confusing.

Anyway, we hope to review the new production of Scissorhands: A Musical Tribute as soon as possible. The adaptation makes some eccentric choices, like using popular songs instead of original compositions, but it worked well at Rockwell Table and Stage, so we expect it to work equally well at the Bourbon Room.

Top of Page: promo image from Scissorhands: A Musical Tribute at Bourbon Room in HollywoodScissorhands: A Musical Tribute at Bourbon Room in Hollywood

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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