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Final Knott’s Scary Farm 2008 video: Asylum & Club Blood

Here is it: our last video from Knott’s Berry Farm’s 2008 Halloween Haunt.

The Asylum has been around for a few years. First time we saw it we were quite impressed. It has quite the atmospheric entrance: a Gothic-looking arched gate in front of a facade for an old building that looks as much like a haunted mansion as an asylum. The interior was – and is – loaded with shocks and scares. For whatever reason, the thrill has worn off a bit, but we still enjoy going through it for old time’s sake.

Club Blood is the new vampire maze, a replacement for Lore of the Vampire. As the name suggests, this represents a night club inhabited by living dead blood-drinkiers. The concept sounds a bit trendy, but it works. There is also a weird segue: after the club, suddenly you’re in a hospital where women seem to be giving birth to human-bat hybrids. No explanation for the transition is given; presumably, these births are the results of too much partying in the night club, leading to interspecies vampire-human sex. Anyway, Club Blood includes a bungie-jumping monster – a gag that’s been around the park for years, so keep your heads up after you pass through the hospital.

Now, it’s on to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights!