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The Fleshyard 2017 Review

Calling The Fleshyard a simple “walk-through” doesn’t do it justice. Located near the Anaheim hills,  the Halloween attraction is a maze, an escape room, and interactive experience all rolled in one.  Oh, and there is a pumpkin patch.

The Fleshyard 2017 ReviewGuests pause for a photo-op in the living room. Next, a southern gentleman tells you the story of the Kern family, who once owned this massive land. Deciding it is better to show than to tell, the man introduces a relative, presumably, named Cleetus, who leads you into the walk-through. As you enter the landowner’s property, hordes of children seemingly everywhere can be seen and heard, insisting that you “play” with them.  The adults seem to have food on their mind instead. One of the lucky (or unlucky, however you choose to see it) members in our party was chosen to be played with. An older child manhandled her hair.  Eventually, she was placed on a barber/perm chair, to get her hair done and make her into a “barbie doll.”

After that, we had to find a key that would unlock the bathroom door. A hint was dropped to search the toilet bowl by hand. We can tell you that the contents of toilet bowl were very black and moist. But what the hell – when in Anaheim…. As we struggled to find the key, the older kid rubbed contents from the toilet on our faces, while other children screamed “Find the key!” After finding the key with a little help, we headed into the kitchen where two girls hounded us to find another key, which was in the sink this time, filled with dirty, black water.

Once the kitchen was unlocked, we found ourselves entering the slaughterhouse, which was owned by the Kern family according to the story told earlier. We approached an outdoor area where a girl was screaming for help. Around a corner was a saw a scare actor holding a decapitated pig head, YUM!  As we continued, we saw another pig head, dead chickens, intestines hanging from the ceiling, and more YUM!

The Fleshyard 2017 ReviewTo get out of the slaughterhouse, there was (of course) another key involved. This time we ended up in a room with three doors and a cage, which must be where they keep their fresh hum….. I mean farm animals, farm animals!  And of course, we survived. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this review!

We definitely recommend The Fleshyard – it provides more than the typical Halloween haunted house. The attraction is located on a pumpkin patch on a main intersection with restaurants and a movie theatre nearby; parking is free. The Perdition Home Haunt is about 6 minutes away, so you can tackle two great haunts on the same night. If you’re feeling tired, you can check into Mabel’s 6 Feet Under Haunted Motel for a “quiet” rest afterward.

The Fleshyard Haunted House continues on October 28-31. The location is The Pumpkin Patch, 5702 E. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807. The website is pumpkinpatchhaunt.com.

The Fleshyard 2017 Review

Bottom Line

More than the typical Halloween haunted house, the Fleshyard is a maze, an escape room, and interactive experience all rolled in one. Definitely recommended.


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