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Franco the Fantastic at Spooky House 2007

Here’s a blast from the past! When we posted our video of Spooky House 2007 five years ago, we included only a brief snippet of Franco the Fantastic (Franklin J. Sterns), the ghoulish magician who appeared before you entered the maze. Well, we dug through the archives and uncovered Franco’s complete performance, so now you can see him in all his Fantastic glory!

The Spooky House Halloween Haunt served Los Angeles for many years. It was one of the first local haunted house events to move into a permanent location, which allowed for more detailed and convincing sets and effects, instead of the simple painted flats seen at other Halloween attractions. 2007 was their first year at a new location in Chatsworth, and it was fun to see the new elements they had added, including Franco’s amusing performance, which came at the very beginning and set a disarmingly tongue-in-cheek tone before the real scares materialized moments later.

Spooky House is now, sadly, only a memory, since the death of owner Bob Koritzke back in 2008, but the memories live on. Consider this a little tribute to all those screams of yesteryear…

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