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Friday Cat Blogging: Nightmare Before Christmas

In case you’ve forgotten, Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE opens nationwide today.

In some message boards, I’ve noticed fans of Burton’s NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS speculating that a character from that 1993 stop-motion film makes a cameo appearance in CORPSE BRIDE. I think I’ve found the feline in question…

This cute stop-motion kitty quickly runs through a shot in the opening song from NIGHTMARE. Previously, the same cat (or one very much like it) was seen in Burton’s excellent stop-motion short subject “Vincent” (about a boy who dreams of being horror star Vincent Price). The cat makes its third appearance during the opening credits of CORPSE BRIDE: as the camera cranes through the streets, following the townfolk going about their business, we see the cat beneath a table where a fishmonger is chopping the heads off of the day’s catch.