Friday Cat Blogging: Nightmare Before Christmas


In case you've forgotten, Tim Burton's CORPSE BRIDE opens nationwide today. Click here to  find theatres playing the film.

In some message boards, I've noticed fans of Burton's NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS speculating that a character from that 1993 stop-motion film makes a cameo appearance in CORPSE BRIDE. I think I've found the feline in question...

This cute stop-motion kitty quickly runs through a shot in the opening song from NIGHTMARE. Previously, the same cat (or one very much like it) was seen in Burton's excellent stop-motion short subject "Vincent" (about a boy who dreams of being horror star Vincent Price). The cat makes its third appearance during the opening credits of CORPSE BRIDE: as the camera cranes through the streets, following the townfolk going about their business, we see the cat beneath a table where a fishmonger is chopping the heads off of the day's catch.