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Fright Fair 2008


Fright Fair’s Halloween Harvest Festival is another Halloween Haunt that is getting a jump on the competition by starting this month – on Friday the 26th, to be exact.

Up until a few years ago, Fright Fair was a single, lengthy walk-through maze with a few other fun items (rock climbing, bungee cords) in the parking lot. For the last couple years, it has expanded into a month-long October festival that runs all day long, with kid-friendly stuff in the mornings and afternoon, and adult-oriented frights at night.

This year, the festival will run every day from September 26 through November 2. The night-time haunt will be mostly on weekends and some weekdays.

One word of warning: Since adding the Harvest Fest in 2005, the Fright Fair people have sometimes had their hands so full that cannot always get the night-time haunt attractions completed by their start date. If you’re planning to bring your kids to the day-time fest, it should be running by the 26th; however, if you plan on walking through the Factory of Nightmares and the Creatures of the Corn trail at night, you might want to check ahead if you plan on going opening night.