Fright Gallery is back!

Fright Gallery has been dormant since 2005, but on October 30, 2008 - which is to say, tonight - it reopens the cemetery gates for another mad musical parody. This year's spoof is a Halloween horror version of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, titled "Dead of the Class." After the three-year wait, we can only hope and pray that it lives up to our expectations, which are based on how much we enjoyed "Twisted" back in 2005. This was a tornado-takeoff on WIZARD OF OZ by way of BEACH PARTY movies. You can read our review of the event here, or check out the video below. (This is a segment from our HALLOWEEN HAUNT ODYSESSY video, a tour of amateur yard haunts on Halloween night. Fright Gallery's "Twisted" shows up about 60 seconds in.)

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