Fright Night Double Feature

Location: Warner Grand Theatre  - 478 West 6th Street in San Pedro
Link out: Click here
Description: Former master of the Grimmstone Cemetery yard haunt, Noah K, producer of the annual Bats Day In the Fun Park™ at Disneyland ( brings his monthly spooky double features to the Warner Grand. Films under consideration are William Castle’s original “13 Ghosts” (1960), “The Innocents” (1961) and “The Uninvited” (1944). Your host for the evening, MC Spooky, will introduce the films, a few skits and a band - all guaranteed to chill your spine! There will be a “horror art” exhibit in the lobby with the artists, and tons of movie “swag” from the studios will be given away. Come with someone you want to sit near!!!
Date: 2009-06-19

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