Fright Night & Doug Benson's Movie Interruption

frightnight_newsiteDate: October 13, 2011
Location: Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036
Link out: Click here
Description: The Cinefamily presents a screening of the 1985 comedy-horror film that inspired the recent 3-D remake. Audiences will get to see a brand-new 35mm print of the film, about a teenager who suspects his new neighbor is a vampire.

After the first screening, Doug Benson's Movie Interruption takes over, with Benson and friends watching the film a second time and offering irreverent live commentary - a sort of poor man's MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000.

Tickets: $10 for the first screening; $12 for the Movie Interruption version. Both events are free to Cinefamily members

FRIGHT NIGHT Screening: 7:30pm
Doug Benson's Movie Interruption: 10:00pm