Title: October 29 at midnight
Location: The New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Link out: Click here
Description: The New Beverly presents a midnight show selected by Quentin Tarantino. FROGS is a 1972 item from American International Pictures, made at a time when there was a brief vogue for nature-run-amok horror films - in this case, not only the titular amphibians but also alligators, snakes, spiders, and more.

Frogs Sat: midnight (11:59 p.m.)
1972, USA, 35mm, 91 minutes
All tickets $7
directed by George McCowan; starring Ray Milland, Sam Elliott, Joan Van Ark, Adam Roarke, Judy Pace, Lynn Borden, Mae Mercer, David Gilliam