Giallo Sneak Preview Triple Bill

Location: Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 21 at 8pm
Description: As part of its Thursday night Giallo series, the 3rd Annual Cinefamily Halloween Horror Film fest presents these three strange Italian horror thrillers. From the website:

Amer - 8:00pm
The giallo has its own particular way of being obsessed with the surface and substance of the female body: satiny skin torn and sliced, innards plumbed deep with shards of windows and falling knives, wind at every turn to whip hair into eyes -- everything from the outside world seems to want in, in, in. In Amer, Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s avant-garde smash-and-grab appropriation of the genre’s conventions, we finally get inside that giallo heroine’s head. In a defiantly dreamlike atypical structure, this eye-poppingly lurid tale (shot on super-saturated 35mm slide film) follows the same character’s psychosexual, psychedelic awakening and decline as a traumatized child, burgeoning adolescent, and wanton adult. All in all, hang onto your Freud, because this is one exploration of the male gaze, the female body, and the erotic (and horrific) terrain in between that no self-respecting art- or genre-lover should miss.
Dirs. Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani, 2009, 90 min.

Perfume of the Lady In Black - 9:45pm
Is it a giallo or is it a Polanski-esque psychological creeper? Perfume of the Lady In Black is both. Prepare for a trip into the fraught mind of “Silvia” (scream queen Mimsy Farmer in her greatest role), a work-obsessed young woman haunted by visions of the eponymous woman in black and a ghostly young girl in white -- but shot with a hot yellow color scheme and bursting into stylish, grisly episodes with enough regularity to satisfy even the most sated giallista. Is Silvia being gaslighted by her boyfriend and weird neighbours? Why do they hang out with a strange witch doctor? Or is she slipping into murderous dementia all by herself? A real bizarre one-off by the obscure but first-rate Francesco Barilli, it’s an eerie mystery/horror hybrid, with a genuine kickass shocker of an ending -- one of the great undiscovered treasures of Italian cinema, it remains sadly unavailable in the U.S. in any format (look for Cult Epics’ upcoming DVD release!) An unmissable high point of Italian delirium.
Dir. Francesco Barilli, 1974, 101 min.

What Have You Done To Solange? - 11:45pm
Schoolgirls gone bad, a knife-wielding killer, and nasty secrets involving an illegal abortion are just a few of the shocks awaiting you in this note-perfect example of the giallo, one which went unrecognized for decades in America but is now recognized as one of the genre’s essential classics. Philandering schoolteacher Fabio Testi becomes entangled with a malicious killer when his student girlfriend spies on a murder in the woods, and when he can’t provide an alibi, he soon becomes the main suspect as more bodies begin to pile up. Ennio Morricone’s dreamy musical accompaniment and sterling ‘scope photography by future trash-film god Joe D’Amato make this several cuts above your average thriller, plus you get a surprise third-act appearance by Camille Keaton, the abused star of I Spit on Your Grave! Don’t miss the chance to catch this sleazy masterpiece, but be prepared to take a long, hot shower when you get home.
Dir. Massimo Dallamano, 1972, 35mm, 103 min.