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Godzilla vs. the Supremes

The political weblog Daily Kos is having some fun in today’s “Cheers and Jeers” feature, which purports to detail some landmark Supreme Court cases. After slyly working their way through Marbury vs. Madison and Dred Scott, they conflate two famous cases into Roe vs. Brown, then go off the deep end with the following entry:

Godzilla v. Megalon (1973)
In a rare foray into international law, the Court agreed to settle a dispute between two giant monsters rampaging through the Japanese countryside. IN a 7-2 decision, the Court found Megalon’s emisison of lighting from his horn-like appendage did not constitute a violation of Godzilla’s civil rights. Frustrated by the decision, Godzilla and attorney Melvin Belli destroyed Tokyo. […] Please…somebody on that judicial committee ask John Roberts if stare decisis applies to the Godzilla case!

I’m trying to decide whether it might be possible to milk this joke even further. Something along the lines of… “King Kong v. Godzilla: The Court refused to hear the case, ruling that Kong, as a foreigner, did not have standing to bring suit against Godzilla, a natural citizen by birth.”

Hmm. Maybe not.


Posted by djLee:
That title is too much! LOL! King Kong vs Godzilla as a court case? Hmmmm. I am thinking something from the good old days of ‘Japan Bashing’ but I guess there could be other spoofs for those who can’t remember back that far.
Thursday, September 15th 2005 @ 7:21 PM