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Gothique Christmas Music for Sale

If you watched any of our Halloween Haunt videos, along with the soundtrack of screams and moans, you also heard original composed by me and performed by Gothique, including a song titled “Empty Hallways. (Excerpts appeared in videos for Knott’s Scary Farm’s Slaughterhouse and Club Blood mazes and Universal’s House of Horrors, and the whole song was used in the Ghost Train video. Now, you can purchase that song, plus other original music, right here on this website. Just look over at the right-hand navigation bar, and scroll down to the Blast My Music Widget. “Empty Hallways” is at the top of the Featured Songs. After that is another song titled “Dreaming of the Day,” followed by an album full of Christmas music – a mix of modern and traditional approaches to well known carols and hymns, with lots of electronics and synthesizers filling in for orchestra. For your convenience, the widget is included below.

Update: music sale no longer available.